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Evening at the IEA

Many thanks to the Institute of Economic Affairs for hosting an In Conversation event featuring me and IEA director-general Mark Littlewood on Thursday night.

We covered a range of issues before finishing with Q&As. Although we over-ran our allotted 60 minutes the time went very quickly - for me at least, if not the audience.

The event was filmed and assuming I didn’t say anything I seriously regret the video will be posted online next week.

One thing I hadn’t expected was to be presented with a trophy/award for services rendered. It was extremely thoughtful of those involved and much appreciated.

Afterwards we went for dinner and I was touched by the kind words (partly fuelled by alcohol) that continued around the table.

In fact, I was so surprised (both the dinner and the award had been organised without my knowledge) that I failed to thank the many people who have supported Forest and been a great help to me personally.

Several were present on Thursday so I’m a bit annoyed I didn’t have the presence of mind to say something.

Fortunately we are hosting a gala dinner next month to mark Forest’s 40th anniversary so I will have an opportunity to thank everyone then.

In the meantime, here are some photos from Thursday night. Special thanks to Mark, Angela Harbutt, Elise Rasmussen and Guillaume Perigois.

PS. The trophy Mark is holding in the photo below is one of Forest’s Voices of Freedom awards. It should have been presented to him two years ago but events intervened. Better late than never.

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Reader Comments (1)

It's about time you got an award for your work. You are the one who should get an award in the New Year Honours list for fighting for true equality and compassion in a uniquely hostile environment - instead of the well paid professional antismokers rewarded for pushing discrimination, exclusion and social divisions.

Strange upside down world we live in these days.

Sunday, May 19, 2019 at 14:57 | Unregistered Commenterpat nurse

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