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Welcome to the new-look blog. The old one, which was launched on March 26, 2007, was looking a bit of a mess so I thought it was time to do something about it.

I tried changing the design template on the old blog but with all those images to accommodate it looked even worse. There was only one solution - create a brand new, stripped down, clutter-free site.

In order to keep the old site live - for archive purposes - I have given this one a slightly different URL, replacing It's not ideal because it means there are now two sites instead of one but if you need to look for something on the old site just click on the Archive button on the top menu bar.

Btw, this is how I introduced Taking Liberties on March 26, 2007:

There are two reasons for naming the blog Taking Liberties. First, I am genuinely concerned that freedoms we have taken for granted are slowly being taken from us without proper debate. Second, I want to make this blog as entertaining as possible and if that means taking liberties in a more colloquial sense, so be it. Feedback is positively encouraged so feel free to comment on anything that appears here. It's going to be an interesting journey so welcome aboard and enjoy the ride.

Anyway, I am grateful to my regular readers for continuing to visit the blog, and if you are new here I hope you will stick around and make yourself heard.