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One million my arse

People's Vote say 'around one million people' have turned out for today's anti-Brexit march in London.

A charitable person would say that figure is a guesstimate. Others might conclude they've made it up. Either way it's almost certainly not true.

I've written before about the problem of estimating the number of people who have taken part in similar demonstrations.

I won't repeat myself (again) but if you're interested here's why you should be sceptical.

It's worth noting too that People's Vote has history when it comes to exaggerating the number of marchers:

People's Vote march was attended by a third of number that organisers claimed, official estimate says (Telegraph)

Either way, as I wrote last year:

The only number that counts is the 17.4 million people who took the time and trouble to vote Leave in June 2016, thereby winning a referendum whose outcome the government promised, in advance, to uphold.

If only we had a government that was bold enough to do what a majority of the electorate clearly instructed it to do.

Democracy. It's not that hard to grasp, is it?

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