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PMI Watch

Further to the Philip Morris related posts I uploaded at the weekend, I have decided to keep them apart from the main blog.

As of today you will find them in a separate section called 'PMI Watch' that can be accessed via the menu bar above.

To be clear, I fully support efforts by PMI (and other companies) to develop, manufacture and market risk reduction products. I also support efforts to educate and inform consumers about the relative risks of different tobacco or nicotine products.

Having spoken to ex-smokers who have switched to heated tobacco, I am also favourably impressed by PMI’s IQOS device. I have written or said as much on a number of occasions.

I cannot however support a strategy that actively belittles consumers who enjoy smoking and don’t want to quit, whilst targeting a ‘smoke free world’ that can only be achieved by discriminating against millions of adults, raising tobacco taxes to punitive levels, and creating a society in which consumers are not only denied the choice of combustible products but are increasingly restricted from using them in public and in private.

If smokers choose, of their own volition, to quit or switch to reduced risk products, that’s absolutely fine. Denigrating their decision to smoke ('Your reasons aren't good enough') or casting aspersions about their personal hygiene or general attractiveness, is not.

PMI Watch will therefore monitor and record the most egregious examples of the company’s anti-smoking (and anti-smoker) agenda. Consumers (and investors) can then draw their own conclusions.

Here are the first three entries, posted here on Sunday, plus my full Introduction, part of which is replicated here.

PMI Watch #1
PMI Watch #2
PMI Watch #3

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Reader Comments (1)

Exactly that. Thanks for saying it.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 at 18:59 | Unregistered CommenterPat Nurse

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