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The waiting game

Another honours list and still no recognition for the work of two of Britain's leading anti-smoking campaigners.

I first commented on this extraordinary oversight in December 2013:

Why no gongs for the likes of Deborah Arnott, CEO of ASH; Sheila Duffy, CEO of ASH Scotland; Fiona Andrews, director of Smokefree South West; or Andrea Crossfield, director of Tobacco Free Futures?

After all, it's titans of Tobacco Control like Deborah and Sheila who are often credited with introducing smoking bans and other measures that have saved tens of thousands of lives. Allegedly.

Surely they should receive recognition for their services to public health? But, no. The years tick by and Deborah remains plain Ms Arnott. Ditto Ms Duffy.

The following year Fiona Andrews (Smokefree South West) and Andrea Crossfield (Tobacco Free Futures) were indeed awarded MBEs ('Was it something I wrote?') but still nothing for Sheila or Deborah.

It was a similar story in 2015, 2016 and 2017 (Sheila and Deborah snubbed again).

There was however an OBE for Ailsa Rutter, director or Fresh North East (formerly Smokefree North East).

I'm genuinely perplexed. If Deborah's mini me is given an honour, why not the lady herself? And if Sheila Duffy's predecessor Maureen Moore can get an OBE, why not the current CEO?

The good news is that while Duffy has missed out (again) on one of Britain's top honours, her organisation hasn't gone empty-handed this week.

Tobacco control looks after its own.

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Reader Comments (1)

I am sick of hearing about these liars and bullies getting awards.

Don't worry, Debs and Duffy will be honoured in good time. How could they go unrewarded in the new Bully UK where beng an honourable person counts for nothing if one smokes - ASH has made sure of it.

Hypocrisy rules in new Britain and Nasties touting social exclusion while pushing hate campaigns are the new heroes.

Saturday, June 9, 2018 at 13:07 | Unregistered CommenterPat Nurse

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