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Countdown to the Golden Nanny Awards

In a couple of weeks we'll be hosting the Golden Nanny Awards in Dublin.

The inaugural event last year was an unexpected success. This was due largely to the presence of Senator Catherine Noone who prefaced her acceptance speech with the words, "Libertarians, contrarians, barbarians, thank you."

She later tweeted, "Proud recipient of the Golden Nanny Award 2017 – proud moment."

Organised by Forest Ireland, this year’s event is supported by Students for Liberty. Last week The Times (Ireland edition) published an excellent article by Beatriz Gietner, national coordinator for SfL Ireland.

Expressing a view that is rarely heard in public in Ireland, Beatriz wrote:

Some events in Ireland this year have made me wonder what has happened to personal responsibility. The country ranked third in last year’s Nanny State Index — a league table of the EU countries with the most stringent laws on food, drink and smoking — and now restrictions on convenience goods are not only coming from the government but also from a generation that labels itself liberal.

Take the regressive measures proposed by two Dublin universities: Trinity College’s tobacco-free campus and University College’s ban on the sale of sugary drinks. The former was proposed by the students’ union and approved by roughly 8 per cent of the student body. Trinity already bans indoor smoking and has designated no-smoking areas. These areas were created when the students’ union opposed the total ban, proposed by the college four years ago, after 53 per cent of student voters rejected a tobacco-free campus. A lot can change in a short time.

She concluded:

Ireland’s killjoys seem to follow the path of their British and American counterparts: they react emotionally first, and only then stop to think about the consequences of their actions. There is no consideration of others’ desires. “My body, my choice” seems to apply only to certain things.

Universities should respect people’s choices, not special interests. The tyranny of the majority on display throughout Irish campuses should be challenged on moral grounds: it is against individualism and personal responsibility. We all know, deep down, what is best for ourselves.

See With students like this, who needs the nanny state? (The Times).

A popular guest at previous Forest events in Dublin, Beatriz will miss the Golden Nanny Awards because she's currently in her native Brazil.

We will however be joined by over 60 guests including her colleague Rob Duffy, Irish Independent columnist Ian O'Doherty, Cllr Keith Redmond, and Chris Snowdon, editor of the Nanny State Index, who is also our guest speaker.

Click here for further information. A full list of award nominees will be published later this week.

See also: Libertarians, contrarians, barbarians ... the Golden Nanny Awards 2017.

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