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Farewell to Freedom Dinner fully booked

Delighted to report that Forest's Farewell to Freedom Dinner in Dublin on November 13 is fully booked.

Organised with the support of Hibernia Forum, a classical liberal think tank, Dublin Salon, Students for Liberty Ireland and Consumer Choice Centre, the evening features our first Golden Nanny Awards.

The Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, health minister Simon Harris, and former health promotion minister Marcella Corcoran Kennedy are all shortlisted for services to the nanny state.

ASH Ireland and Alcohol Action Ireland, a government-funded 'charity', have also been nominated.

A smaller version of our Freedom Dinner in London, the event will start with a drinks reception on a smoking terrace that has its own fireplace. This will be followed by a three-course dinner in the adjacent restaurant.

In addition to the awards guest speakers are Keith Redmond, forthright libertarian and co-founder of Hibernia Forum, and Ian O'Doherty, a famously outspoken columnist for the Irish Independent and Irish Daily Star.

Can’t wait!

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