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Nanny town revisited

Some of you may remember the first Hands Off Our Packs campaign video.

We called it 'Welcome to Nanny Town' and it featured contributions from, among others, the IEA's Mark Littlewood, the ASI's Eamonn Butler, and Dave Bowden from the Institute of Ideas.

It also featured a pounding soundtrack – 'Nanny Town' by King Kool. KK is a two-piece band fronted by Dan Donovan who does most of Forest's photography and design work.

Well, we decided to make a new 'Nanny Town' video featuring the band itself and it will be premiered at our Conservative fringe event (Standing Up For Freedom) with Conservatives for Liberty on Sunday night.

We will also be showing another, very different, Dan Donovan video. The Freedom Cage doesn't feature any music but it does have a voiceover by Dan himself.

I'll post both videos here on Monday. They will also be available on the Forest website. Meanwhile you can download the 'Nanny Town' flyer or read the lyrics here.

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