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Bad memories of Budget Day

As a small child I hated Budget Day.

I'd cycle home from school, turn on the television, only to find that all the children's programmes had been moved to BBC2 to accommodate some tedious, long-winded analysis of the Chancellor's statement on BBC1. For a six or seven-year-old it was perhaps the most boring thing I had ever heard.

The problem was, on our old black and white TV we didn't get BBC2. And we didn't watch ITV. In fact, I can't remember ever watching ITV as a small child. I don't think it was snobbishness on my family's part. I just think we got better reception on BBC1 and anyway it was too much hassle getting up to retune the television using the little plastic dial on the front of the set.

So BBC1 it was until my father bought a new (colour) television in 1971. Finally we had BBC2, and I think we even watched the occasional programme on ITV.

But that explains why, to this day, the Budget still leaves me cold.

PS. Wearing my professional (ie Forest) hat I shall however be monitoring the Budget to comment upon the anticipated rise in tobacco duty. Watch this space.

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Reader Comments (1)

I find the budget thoroughly exhilarating, and I do think you should make an effort Simon.
Over the last few years I have taken copious notes from the Chancellor’s speech which I then print from my computer dispersing copies to several neighbours. Within a few hours we meet and discuss in depth the salient points that we feel are important. This round-table discussion can last several hours. Everyone taking part is expected to stand up and give a speech which is then further examined by all.

This therapeutic exercise is something that I recommend to you. It still leaves me each time with a warm glow of satisfaction that members of the community can be actively involved.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at 12:27 | Unregistered CommenterJJ

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