Do smoker-friendly pubs exist?

"There really is no such thing as a smoker friendly pub in this country anymore," laments Mark on another thread.

I understand the sentiment – no pub is truly smoker-friendly if you can't smoke indoors in comfort. Everything is relative however and given the legislation who can dispute that some pubs are more 'smoker-friendly' than others.

There are without question smoker-friendly landlords doing their very best to accommodate smokers in as much comfort as possible and the purpose of the Best Smoking Area award is to recognise their efforts.

Anyway, since inviting nominations on Tuesday, we have received many suggestions and some heart-warming comments. Here are a few:

  • "Fabulous outdoor area which is always heated. They even provide you with blankets when it's really chilly."
  • "There is a very large outside area with tables and in the summer there are barbecues and last weekend a hog roast. There are two large umbrellas which cover a number of tables for the smokers and heaters are also provided in the winter months. The manager is a smoker so the place is smoker-friendly."
  • "Tremendous smoking facilities. Wooden and hand built by the locals. Spacious, good seating, plenty of regularly emptied ashtrays and even lighters on chains. A really comfortable structure, appreciated and well used. I believe there is a heater as well!!!!!"
  • "The smoking shelter is a fabulous, warm and convivial space with heaters, benches, tables. It is a pleasure to be there, even on pretty cold nights."
  • "The landlord is a smoker himself and whilst he appreciates that the law and social pressure demands smoking bans inside, he refuses to treat smokers as pariahs and what we have is a sympathetic, creative and well-managed solution that I am sure provides increased revenue."
  • "Delightful pub with a (restricted) yard filled with tables and chairs, big umbrellas and heaters, and surrounded by greenery and climbing plants. An oasis in an urban backwater, very peaceful (and delightful staff)."
  • "Covered seating, tables, lighting and heaters in a charming little courtyard."
  • "The pub has gone to great lengths and expense to provide a comfortable area for smokers consisting of heating, lounge type seating enclosed in a wood and glass building. I cannot believe there could be a more deserving winner."
  • "Excellent smoking area with televisions, sofas and all mod cons."
  • "The pub has a smoking shelter at the rear which is on two floors. The downstairs area has lots of seating and automatic heaters, dart board, and is only a couple of paces from the rear door of the pub. The upstairs area has more comfortable seating plus television screens and pub games. All in all it's a very comfortable experience and it's possible to spend the whole evening outside and only have to go in the pub to get the drinks! I live ten miles away and regularly travel to this pub, via two buses, as it's the only one that I know of that has such welcoming facilities."
  • "The smoking area is in the old stable yard at the back of the pub. It's a large area able to hold comfortably 16 or so double picnic tables. A large purpose built shelter was built for smokers when the ban came in and is also fitted with awnings and heaters as required."
  • "The patio area is used all year round. There are smart black and red rugs left over the back of each chair and heaters are provided to keep the smokers warm. It really deserves recognition so that others can be aware of a very pleasant place to go and to be welcomed as a smoker."
  • "Not ideal but better than the rest in this area. Outdoor area has some plants and heaters. Smokers feel welcomed as opposed to tolerated."
  • "The landlord has extended part of the roof so smokers and their ciggies don't get soggy. He has purchased several sets of tables and chairs (round picnic tables with large umbrellas) and, amazingly, has installed a wood burner which he lights without fail every night to keep us heroic smokers 'toasty warm'. It is all set in a very large and extremely well kept grassed pub garden. The effort and lengths he has gone to are above and beyond the call of duty."

Finally, does this qualify as "smoker-friendly"?

  • "They have an INSIDE smoking area which is enclosed except for having no ceiling. Other than the sky itself. Perfect for winter drinks and smokes."

Except when it rains.

PS. To nominate your favourite smoking area for the Great British Pub Awards leave a comment here or email


No to AV because it's a short step to PR

I have just voted and it's 'No to AV' for me.

Over on The Free Society Tom Miers has this to say:

The AV debate is really as proxy for a debate about PR, and this is where my concerns come in ... The bottom line is that you get a nonsensensical muddle if you apply proportionality to government, and tampering with the means by which we elect MPs does nothing to correct.

PR as a voting system is not really about making things fairer, it is about reinforcing majorities and the legitimacy they have. It shifts the whole emphasis of politics to establishing what the majority thinks, trying to establish a ‘general will’ (as Rousseau had it) within society that can then be ruthlessly applied through the force of law.

Since no such will can in practice ever be found, you end up with a reinforced majority that is of course to the detriment of the minority. This damages the freedom of the individual, who is always in a minority of one.

Full article here.

See also: The democratic case against alternative voting (spiked)


Was Osama bin Laden an anti-smoker?

Lots of hand-wringing about the death of Osama bin Laden.

According to one Facebook entry:

He was unarmed. There were no guns at the compound. His daughter said he was killed after he was captured. The President said he was killed after the fire fight (that never happened). The CIA called this a kill mission and the AG said that bin Laden would never be taken alive. They have repeatedly lied about the events on the ground. There is more than enough reason to think this was murder.

More interesting (to me) is the revelation, reported by the Telegraph, that Osama bin Laden banned smoking in compound.

Anti-smokers – they're everywhere!


All American alien boy

I did an interview for Liverpool's Radio City last night.

According to the producer, Late Night City with Pete Price is "the biggest night-time talk show in the UK (outside London) and has won many international awards including World's Best Talk Show at the New York Radio Awards and Pete himself has just been nominated for Speech Radio Personality of the Year at the Sony Radio Awards".

They wanted to talk about the FDA's decision to regulate e-cigarettes as tobacco products and I was a bit apprehensive because I don't know much more than what I've read online.

As a result I missed the second half of Barcelona-Real Madrid because I was too busy swotting!

Thankfully we didn't spend a lot of time talking about e-cigs. Instead the conversation moved on to the treatment of consumers and other smoking-related issues and I think I got away with it.

After we finished recording Pete said: "Only the Americans can do what you just did".

I think it was a compliment.


Vive le résistance!

H/T Belinda (Pubs counter denormalisation) for bringing my attention to this post: Competition to find the pub with the best smoking area (The Third Estate).

Pubs that have managed to carry on creating a hospitable environment for smokers are, in a certain sense, accomodating to the ban, but they are also resisting it. This is because the ban was not really about passive smoking but, rather about making smoking a more uncomfortable experience so as to push people into stopping.

The video above shows Hawke & Hunter's Secret Garden in Edinburgh which won the Scottish Licensed Trade News Award for Best Smoking Facilities 2010. The award was supported by Imperial Tobacco and I wrote about it here.

Given the current anti-smoking climate and the absence of legal loopholes, pubs and bars that do their best to accommodate smokers (for commercial or other reasons) should be applauded, promoted and, where appropriate, rewarded.

So keep those nominations coming for Best Smoking Area (see previous post)!


Great British Pub Awards - nominations wanted for Best Smoking Area

Join our search for the nation's best smoking areas.

Last year, in association with JTI, the Save Our Pubs & Clubs campaign supported the Best Creative Outdoor Area award at the Morning Advertiser's Great British Pub Awards.

Presented by Lenny Henry, the event took place at The Hilton, Park Lane, London. We invited a couple of MPs – Brian Binley and Philip Davies – to join us and Brian (interviewed here) presented the Best Creative Outdoor Area award.

I am delighted to report that Save Our Pubs & Clubs has again joined forces with JTI for the Great British Pub Awards 2011 but this time we are supporting a new award for Best Smoking Area.

The Morning Advertiser has the details here but I want to address supporters of the Save Our Pubs & Clubs campaign direct because we need YOUR help.

We want YOU to nominate a smoker-friendly pub that you think deserves to be recognised. All you have to do is send us the name of the pub plus a very brief description of the smoking area. We will then contact the landlord and ask if they would like to be nominated for the award.

Closing date for entries is May 20, 2011.

We need to hear from you as soon as possible so we can contact your nominated pubs in good time. What we are looking for are pubs that have clearly made an effort to accommodate smokers in as much comfort as possible.

Financial investment in a comfortable smoking area will be taken into consideration but money will not be the decisive factor. After all, many publicans can't afford to invest in a purpose built smoking area but using their initiative they may have come up with something equally worthy of recognition.

Likewise size will be a factor but, again, many pubs don't have the space to provide a substantial smoking area so it's the attractiveness, not the size, that really counts.

The Great British Pub Awards are organised in eight regions that include Wales but not Scotland (which has its own pub awards). The other areas are Yorkshire/North East, North West, Midlands, East Anglia, West Country, South East, and London.

Regional finalists will be announced in the summer. After that the national finalists will be notified and invited to attend the Great British Pub Awards in London.

I am sure there will be some who think that by supporting an award like this we are effectively condoning or accepting the idea that smokers have to light up outside. I assure you that is not the case.

Our substantial investment in this award provides an invaluable opportunity to raise awareness of the campaign to amend the smoking ban. It will also help maintain and develop our profile within the licensing trade, as well as highlighting the importance of smokers to the trade.

So please support this initiative and nominate those pubs you believe to have the most comfortable/attractive smoking area.

Subject: Great British Pub Awards nomination

PS. Coming shortly - details of an important Save Our Pubs & Clubs event in London. Watch this space.


Joe Jackson on pleasure and moderation

We have just issued The Free Society's monthly e-newsletter.

It features links to some of the top articles published by The Free Society in the past four weeks. In case you missed them they include posts by Simon Hills, associate editor of The Times Magazine; Dr Eamonn Butler, director of the Adam Smith Institute; and former MSP Brian Monteith.

Today The Free Society features a new article by musician Joe Jackson. Whatever happened to pleasure and moderation? asks Joe.

Zero-risk and zero-tolerance are increasingly promoted as ‘the only game in town’. If pleasure is mentioned at all, it’s likely to be depicted as something illusory, and as a sign of weakness. Moderation? Freedom of choice? Even if there are such things, we apparently can’t be trusted with them.

We’re living longer than ever, but we seem to be doing so in a state of constant fear – thanks to the people who are supposed to be there to make us feel better. It almost makes you want to go to a monastery and live on raw carrots. Except that sooner or later, someone is going to decide that that’s bad for you, too. So it’s hardly surprising that some of us say, to hell with it all, and just get drunk.

Full article here.


Ordinary cigarettes "not negligently designed or defective"

In the excitement of the Royal Wedding an interesting story escaped the attention of the British media, with the exception of BBC News.

According to the latter:

Six major US tobacco companies have defeated a lawsuit by hospitals seeking compensation for treating patients with smoking-related illnesses.

Thirty-seven hospitals in the state of Missouri had claimed cigarette companies delivered an "unreasonably dangerous" product.

The hospitals claimed that tobacco companies manipulated the nicotine content in cigarettes and misrepresented the health effects of smoking.

But a jury in St Louis rejected their claim.

See: Hospitals lose bid to make tobacco companies pay for smoking-related illnesses