Pubs in hospitals? I’ll drink to that!
Tuesday, March 19, 2019 at 10:17
Simon Clark

Further to the Forest report about hospital smoking bans, published last week.

Rob Lyons wrote an excellent piece for Spiked that was headlined, a little misleadingly, ‘Why we should allow smoking in hospitals’.

(The report called for smoking to be allowed outside, on hospital grounds, not inside.)

Anyway, I was rather taken by the following response that was posted in the comments:

Speaking as a lifelong non smoker I agree with this article. Smokers are a hectored, bullied group. Any other group can of course claim discrimination and win, this group can't.

As an added point I would also like to see alcohol served, preferably with a bar in hospitals. I recently spent a day in hospital whilst my wife had an operation. The boredom was unbelievable.

Wetherspoons have pubs in airports and motorway service stations. Why not hospitals? I jest not!

Pubs in hospitals? I'll drink to that!

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