Philip Morris launches new campaign to make smoking history
Monday, October 22, 2018 at 7:10
Simon Clark

Last week I posted this video of Mark MacGregor, head of corporate affairs at Philip Morris UK.

It was filmed at a panel discussion (‘Should smoking be consigned to history?) hosted by Forest at the Conservative party conference in Birmingham on October 2.

Today Philip Morris has launched a new £2 million campaign designed to encourage smokers to quit and switch to alternative products “with the help of family and friends”.

The campaign has been widely reported in today’s papers and the company has angered Cancer Research and ASH by allegedly getting round advertising rules by purchasing a wraparound feature in the Daily Mirror (which has a leading article supporting the campaign).

Anyway, not only is it worth reminding ourselves of PMI’s business strategy, I thought you might like to see some clips from the other speakers, including me, at that fringe meeting in Birmingham.

See also - Philip Morris: why “smoke free” is the way to go (Taking Liberties).

PS. No peace for the wicked. Although I am currently on holiday in Turkey I shall be discussing Philip Morris’s new campaign on one or two BBC local radio stations this morning.

Update: I’m also on the Five Live phone-in after 9.00am.

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