Are we approaching peak vape?
Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 10:51
Simon Clark

You wait ages for a film about vaping then three come along at once.

I've written at length about the documentary A Billion Lives. Last night however I discovered there are at least two more movies about e-cigarettes in the pipeline. One is still in production (I think), the other is about to be released online.

Promoted with the slogan 'Let's make cigarette history', Vape Wave is described thus:

Vape wave ambitions [sic] to be the first and most thorough movie about the electronic cigarette's incredible worldwide phenomenon. Jan Kounen dives head first into the ever growing vaping world, taking us around the globe to discover this ongoing cultural revolution, the first real alternative to traditional deadly tobacco smoking.

As far as I can tell it's a Swiss/French co-production financed by crowdfunding. The producers set a target of €100,000 but had raised only €37,308 when filming started in France, Taiwan, Korea and California.

The website isn't hugely informative so I can't tell you much more. If you're interested see for yourself.

Beyond The Cloud is a French documentary produced by Vapexpo in partnership with the Vaping Post. Like A Billion Lives it repeats without quibble a contentious World Health Organisation estimate:

With more than 6 million deaths per year worldwide, tobacco use is the major cause of prematured (sic) mortality in the world. WHO estimates that half of current tobacco users die from a disease caused by their addiction.

We're told that Beyond The Cloud is a "socially-aware documentary" that "takes you on a journey that, we hope, will help you form your own opinion on the e-cigarette".

According to this report it's due to be released on social networks this month. I'll keep you posted although I'm not sure how many readers of this blog will want to watch it.

Personally I'm beginning to reach peak vape so if I watch one documentary on the subject it's going to be A Billion Lives (in which I have already invested a lot of my time, commenting from the sidelines!).

Talking of which, I understand anyone can volunteer to host a screening from October 26 thanks to an innovative partnership between the producers and a new distribution company called

Given the number of UK vaping advocates featured in A Billion Lives (five, the same as the US) it beggars belief the film has received so little promotion from the UK vaping community.

I would expect at least one screening in London to which MPs and national media would be invited. (OK, this is normally called a premiere but for some reason no-one has thought to organise one.)

But if I was an active member of the vaping community I'd see this as a unique opportunity to be a bit more ambitious.

Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff – these are just a handful of cities where screenings could be organised.

With a bit of imagination the vaping community could turn this into a month long celebration of vaping with a series of screenings throughout the country.

The potential for media coverage, especially at local level, is substantial so it's a great opportunity to spread the message.

All it needs is a bit of leadership. Anyone?

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