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Pantomime Dame to star on BBC's Christmas stage

This should be good.

For the past decade or more Radio 4's Today programme has livened up its post Christmas broadcasts by inviting a series of guest editors to stamp their mark on the news of the day.

Some I remember, the vast majority I don't.

According to Radio Times they have included Sir Lenny Henry, Michael Palin, Tracey Emin, Sir Bradley Wiggins, Lord Sebastian Coe, John Bercow MP, Prof Stephen Hawking, PD James, Sir Tim Berners Lee, Yoko Ono, David Hockney, Jarvis Cocker, Sir Richard Branson and Melinda Gates.

This year's line-up, naturally, is all-female (a first, apparently) but when it was announced last month the focus was on actor Carey Mulligan because of her topical interest in the impact of the war with Isis on Iraq’s children.

Much less was written about boxer Nicola Adams, businesswoman Helena Morrissey and chief medical officer Sally Davies.

Yes, Dame Sally Davies. As if she doesn't get enough attention already, the CMO is to guest edit the BBC's flagship news programme. Just what we need when we're still reeling from the effects of too much food and alcohol.

For the record, here are some of Davies' interventions and proclamations since she was appointed CMO for England in 2011 following a brief period as acting CMO:

Dame Sally Davies says people should work at least until their late 60s (December 2016)

To ensure the health of the nation it “is critical that [waist size] is addressed”, Dame Sally Davies said yesterday (December 2016)

Health chief: obesity warning letters to parents must not be watered down (November 2016)

England’s chief medical officer warns of ‘antibiotic apocalypse’ (May 2016)

Think about cancer before you have a glass of wine, says chief medical officer (February 2016)

Chief Medical Officer Sally Davies says keep off the booze two days a week (December 2015)

Britain’s chief medical officer says obesity is as big a threat as terrorism (December 2015)

England's chief medical officer says smoking should be banned in parks and children's play areas (September 2015)

Dame Sally Davies: Smoking 'rots you from the inside' (December 2014)

Ban smoking in public parks: England's most senior doctor warns lighting up in public places encourages children to take up the habit (October 2014)

Health chief will not endorse e-cigarettes (September 2014)

Sally Davies, chief medical officer for England, thinks society needs to wake up to problems with body weight, drinking and e-cigarettes (March 2014)

England’s chief medical officer warns of rising liver disease rates (November 2012)

The Guardian reports that when Davies takes the Today editor's chair she will look at science, global health, and “great women”.

Sadly that would appear to rule out the Department of Health's top ranking official Andrew Black whose job title is now Head of Global Tobacco Control Projects.

Nevertheless England is clearly not enough for our ambitious Dame. Armed with every fearmongering stat she can lay her hands on, world domination awaits!

PS. When did we stop calling actresses "actresses"? It's been a while, I know, but 'actor Carey Mulligan' doesn't sound right, to me at least.

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