Stony Stratford - spread the word
Thursday, July 21, 2011 at 7:23
Simon Clark

As others have already reported, Cllr Paul Bartlett has suffered a serious setback in his attempt to ban smoking outdoors.

About My Area has the story here – Stony Stratford Smoking Ban: Town Council Rejects Bartlett's Proposals.

See also: Stony Stratford meeting overwhelmingly rejects Bartlett proposals (Dick Puddlecote).

To date, however, the only mainstream reference I can find to this uplifting news is in today's Daily Telegraph: The tiny town that refused to give in to a fresh-air fascist ('Stony Stratford is a jewel for standing up for the right to smoke outdoors', Bryony Gordon).

This news must be disseminated far and wide otherwise the only 'story' people will remember is Stony Stratford set to ban smoking in all public places (Daily Telegraph, June 29).

That's how bandwagons start.

So spread the word. Write to your MP and to your local newspaper. Tell them what happened in Stony Stratford. (When writing to your MP send him or her copies of relevant reports.)

Shout it from the rooftops and don't let this moment go to waste.

PS. Forest Eireann's John Mallon writes: The message from Stony Stratford. See also: The new religion (Smoking Out The Truth).

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