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Friday, November 18, 2011 at 10:45
Simon Clark

Some excellent articles on the subject of smoking in cars.

I strongly urge you to read a piece by Brendan O'Neil, editor of the online magazine spiked – The BMA admits it was wrong about smoking in cars – yet it is still making dubious claims – and forward it to as many people as possible.

O'Neil writes:

It's time for the BMA to admit that its report demanding a ban on smoking in cars was a career low, a true jumping-of-the-shark for this busybody outfit determined to lecture the British populace. This is what happens when you opt for moralism over medicine and become more concerned with socially re-engineering the feckless masses than with boosting medical services. The BMA needs to butt out of our private lives and choices and go back to doing proper medicine, and the media should be more critical of nanny-state demands dressed up in pseudoscientific garb.

On a lighter note I enjoyed Jeremy Clarkson's comments in The Sun yesterday. Invited to answer the question 'Should smoking in cars be banned?' he replied:

It is very difficult to smoke in my car because the ashtrays are already too full.

What next? Are they going to install a CCTV camera in my downstairs toilet so they can see if I am smoking in there?

It is nonsensical. If you are a fascist non-smoker I can vaguely understand why you wouldn't want people smoking in pubs and bars.

But what possible difference does it make to anyone if I smoke by myself in my car?

It is interfering — doctors should stick to putting their fingers up people's bottoms and not worry about what I am doing with my life in my car.

Everybody smokes with the window open, the smoke is sucked out, there is no second-hand smoke in there.

There is no residual cancer hiding in the glove box.

I was pulled over for smoking once, about five years ago. In fact it was the last time I was pulled over by the police.

I was on the M40 in my car on my own and I was pulled over and he said: "That's not very sociable is it." I replied: "Can I go now? I can't even be bothered to listen to this."

I am smoking a cigarette now in protest at the very idea of this ban.

Meanwhile my article for the Huffington Post can be found here: Smoking ban in cars: how dare the BMA dictate how we live our lives?.

Note: it was written before the BMA issued its mea culpa (see previous post) so you may wish to add an appropriate comment.

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